14 February

7 feelings, 7 events, 7 personal shocks, 7 stories of human vices revealed from the most unexpected side. The hero of the play will go with the audience on a journey along the river of life and tell 7 stories related to the vices of famous people on the planet. Viewers will discover amazing secrets…

For example, how did Queen Cleopatra manage to win the heart of Antony, what Salvador Dali could not forgive his Gala, how did Einstein's most vivid love affair end, what prevented Diana from becoming the queen of Prince Charles’ heart? These unusual and paradoxical stories will draw the festival audience into a kaleidoscope of experiences, vivid feelings and emotions.

The music and video art in the play are bind in a single concept, they will help to create an even more real image of the human vices that are being born: fear, anger, pride, envy, gluttony, betrayal and lust. The viewer will have a real opportunity to live the love stories of the characters, evaluate their actions and perhaps, for a moment, look into the depths of his own river of life flowing to love.

The guests of the festival will see the world premiere, as for the first time they will hear excerpts from the orchestral poem Mtsyri by Georgy Catoire. His name is now well known only to classical musicians and is associated with his theoretical works on harmony. The first experiments of the young musician were highly appreciated by Pyotr Tchaikovsky himself, who played a major role in the formation of Catoire’s creative style.

'Catoire's music is characterized by exceptional emotional richness, perfect form, interesting thematic content and richness of harmonic language… I am deeply convinced that Catoire’s work is still waiting for its recognition and that this recognition will come soon! '(A. B. Goldenweiser)

  • Music: Georgy Catoire, Nikolai Golovanov, Alexander Mosolov.
  • Conductor and Director: Merited Artist of Russia Sergei Kondrashev
  • Director: Irina Ryabinina winner of international documentary film competitions, winner of the All-Russian TV competition 'TEFI-region 2016'
  • Video art: Elena Movenko


Orpheus Radio Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Sergei Kondrashev

Stories are told by stage and film actor Maxim Drozd