Russian composers' heritage revival

The year 2014 marked the starting point of the project “Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival” which is targeted at revival, conservation and popularization of the lost pieces of music, valuable books and scores. The project is being implemented with the support of PJSC “Unipro”.

At present the creative heritage of a lot of famous Russian composers is consigned to oblivion and is on the edge of extinction. A lot of of pieces were last time performed only at the beginning of the previous century, and the recordings of many of them were lost. The company “Unipro” jointly with radio “Orpheus” selects the pieces of music which will be restored and recorded. Their concert recordings are placed at the server of European Broadcasting Union. In the process of work on each part of the project a documentary is made, devoted to the period in which the composer lived and worked. One more integral part of the project “Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival” refers to restoration of the rare scores by the specialists of Russian State Library.

“The language of classical music and restoration of musical masterpieces - both scores and books - are timeless values, the universal language which unites generations. It allows us to make a contribution in development of culture and restoration of informational justice”, - the General Director of PJSC “Unipro” Maxim Shirokov said in the interview to radio station “Orpheus”.

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Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival

Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival

Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival

We are happy to greet you at our site where we present a unique project “Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival” targeted at revival and conservation of the national cultural heritage in the musical area.


“Theory of Music or Reflections on this Art, Incorporating Its History, Aim, Influence of Music, General-Bass, Rules of Composition, Description of Instruments, Different Kinds of Music and Everything that Refers to it in Detail. Written in Russia and for Russians”. The book was published by Gustav Hess de Calve in 1818 in Kharkov. The book in two parts was written in German and translated into Russian by Razumnik Gonorsky. The work was devoted to Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna who had been presented with the manuscript earlier.
Theory of Music or Reflections (NN 1 and 2)
The book was published by Gustav Hess de Calve in 1818 in Kharkov

Автор:  Gustav Hess de Calve