The event in memory of Nikolai Golovanov at Moscow Conservatory

The event in memory of Nikolai Golovanov at Moscow Conservatory
“Golovanov’s woks and their influence are anti-Soviet in their nature”, - wrote Stalin in 1929. However, he could do nothing with that musician and conductor. Nikolai Semenovich Golovanov survived the persecution and hardships. He managed to endure. A lot of years have passed since then, and the concert devoted to Golovanov’s heritage took place in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory.

For many people this concert became a revelation. The audience were presented Nikolai Golovanov's works which he composed without any hope that they would be performed. The project “Russian Composers’ Heritage Revival” of the radio station “Orpheus” is aimed at restoration, preservation and recording of undeservedly forgotten works of Russian composers.

“For us, at the radio station “Orpheus”, Golovanov is especially interesting as the person who organized the first broadcast, it was he who initiated broadcasting of musical performances. Thanks to him people in Russia were able to listen to all the operas that were staged at the Bolshoi theatre.”

The first part of the concert was devoted to sacred music - each of the pieces performed requires very special efforts from the musicians. “Golovanov wrote for the imaginary Synodal choir - the one in which he sang as a boy and with which he worked later”, - explained the Artistic Director and Conductor of Academic Grand Choir “Masters of Choral Singing” Lev Kontorovich. - “Therefore, his music is so polyphonic, with low basses.”

The symphonic music performed in the second part of the concert refers to the category of real rarities. The prelude to Oscar Wilde’s drama “Salome” for many years had exited only on paper. “This music really reflects Golovanov’s nature - he was bright and expressive, a real painter of music. He used broad strokes, the layers of music which are both deep and bright - from the most tender pianissimo to the thundering fortissimo”, - says the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Symphony orchestra of radio “Orpheus” Sergei Kondrashev.

It was the first time Symphony orchestra of radio “Orpheus” performed Golovanov’s music. From now on the earlier forgotten pages of the composer’s heritage will make the orchestra’s concert programs even more interesting.

TV channel “Russia - Culture”. Cultural news. 16.02.2016

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