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“The Valkyrie” is the second opera from the tetralogy “The Nibelung’s Ring”. In Russia it was staged in 1898 in Saint-Petersburg.
The score of the opera was published by P. Jurgenson in 1896. The book is of historical and cultural value.
The Valkyrie
opera (1856)

Автор:  R. Wagner

a one-act ballet by Sergei Prokofiev, showing the new Soviet society in the pathetic spirit of the plant. The premiere took place in 1925 in Paris.
The Steel Step
The ballet is devoted to S. P. Diaghilev who staged it.

Автор:  Sergei Prokofiev

The score of the concert is the composer’s lifetime edition. Publisher M. P. Beliaev, 1912.
Concert for the Piano and Orchestra N 1 (f-moll)
op. 92(1911), score

Автор:  A. K. Glazunov

Fedor Drobish was a conductor and pedagogue. Bandmaster of A. G. Teplov’s serf orchestra  in Petersburg. Later lived and taught in Moscow
Basics of Practical Music, Published by F. Drobish for Public Educational Institutions
Saint-Petersburg, the print-house of Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1836. Annex: 3 sheets of score tables

Автор:  F. Drobish

Written by G.S. Lehlein. Translated from German into Russian by Fedor Gablits, student of Imperial Moscow University.  Printed at the print house of Imperial Moscow University at the expense of H. L. Vever, 1773-1774.
Clavichord School
Clavichord School, or Short and Solid Evidence to Garmony and Melody, Explained on Practical Examples

Автор:  Georg S.

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